Intelligent ways of reducing noise pollution in buildings

Posted on: 15 December 2016

One of the most potent pollution in our daily lives is in the form of noise. Other than being annoying, this type of pollution can cause mental fatigue, psychological issues, and even deafness. Noise pollution can also disrupt your sleep, ongoing conversations and even physical rest, which may result in stress and irritability. This type of pollution needs to be reduced and contained to protect your mind and body from its negative effects and help you enjoy a comfortable and quiet life. Therefore, if you need to eliminate noise pollution from your life and environment, you should identify and eliminate the sources of these noises. Additionally, thoughtful designs and construction of buildings greatly assist in reducing noise pollution experienced inside and outside of buildings. The following are clever methods of reducing noise pollution in buildings:

Soundproofing the building  

There are instances where you cannot eliminate the source of the noise outside your building but just think of ways to reduce its effect. One intelligent method is by sound proofing your building. Sound proofing reduces noise from penetrating the building, which may affect you as you rest or work. However, if you cannot soundproof the entire building, you can focus on several vital rooms in your building. This will create serene rooms where you can relax your mind and focus on your activities without any disturbance. One way of soundproofing your building is by using soundproof materials during the construction of the building. You can also consider using acoustic foam sheets, wall coverings, and floor carpets to absorb and soften any unnecessary noise.

Installing noise reducing glass and insulation

There are instances where noise still penetrates your building even after implementing several noise reduction strategies. This results in installing noise reducing glass and insulation in the building. Even though this method is quite expensive to implement in a building, it is highly effective as it reduces noise pollution levels to a minimum.

Masking the noise

Masking noise is also another intelligent method of eliminating noise pollution. This is achieved by creating serene sounds around the source of the noise. For example, having an artificial waterfall or wind chimes in your building creates pleasant sounds that mask the actual noise around your building. You can also apply the use of white noise machines within the building. This machine produces various audible frequencies that mask outside noise.

For more information on building acoustics, talk to a professional.


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