How To Install a Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Posted on: 2 September 2014

If you have a swimming pool in your back yard, you probably know how tiring pool cleaning can be. Such inconveniences have led to the need to install a suction side pool cleaner. It is a kind of automatic pool cleaner that will vacuum every inch of your pool daily without requiring any human interaction. Proper installation of automatic pool cleaners is necessary to ensure that your suction side pool cleaner serves you efficiently. Here are the steps followed when carrying out this installation.

Prepare the pool

It is crucial to ensure that the pool is well vacuumed when beginning installation. This will ensure that your pool cleaner begins to function at an optimum level. Besides cleaning the pool, you must also ensure that the pool filter, pump basket and skimmer basket are completely emptied of any debris that may have accumulated. It is worth noting that if your pool has a heavy load of debris accumulation such as leaves from trees, you might need to purchase a leaf canister to reduce filter cleaning.

Assemble and connect the components

For this step, you have to carefully follow the manual to ensure correct connections are made. Begin by finding the return line fittings at the floor of your pool and turn them downwards. Next, assemble the hose to its required length and connect it to the main suction line and the skimmer using the dedicated ends. During this step, do not forget to put the valves in place at the skimmer basket to enable regulation of water flow. Finally, completely submerge the hose and fill it with water. Make sure that it remains completely submerged so that no air is left inside it as you now connect the flow gauge.

Test and adjust the settings

This is performed to ensure proper flow of water into the filters. The water levels in the pool must be maintained at a maximum to keep the cleaner working at an optimum level. To test it, disconnect the cleaner head, switch on the pump and observe the flow gauge. It will help determine the water level accurately. A low flow range indicates that the pool filter needs cleaning or checking. Finally, adjust the valves at the suction lines to ensure that they give proper suction.

Connect the suction cleaner

Submerge the suction cleaner and hold it underwater until bubbles stop coming out of the water. Connect it to the hose end using the hose section and gently place it on the pool floor. Your suction side pool cleaner is now ready to begin cleaning your pool.

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